Representative Message

The generation is moving from the term ‘the organization’ build the society to the one ‘the individiual’ builds.

Now, the society is in the big turning point.This is called ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ and the revolution of the social structure including all over the world is now very close to us nearby.
I think many of you already realized this change by seeing this transfiguration of the society in these few years with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the progress of the speed and quality of the information-communication and the IoT society’s incoming.
Our offering sevice is also just assuming this revolution.Our main targeted things are ‘The creation of the value only because with the internet’ and ‘The empowerment of the individuals’.

‘The individuals’ means each person who is in charge of the society.Before, the individual was taking the role of the worker who belongs the business organization but now, it became possible for the individual to work wherever and freely.
Although the blogs with PV points of overwhelming number, SNS business management, the online auction service and the online shops are working, that is still only a part of individuals’ acting and the influencing power of ‘the individuals ‘ has not been maximized yet.And also, ‘Lancers’, the cloud sourcing service we manage already got the registration of more than 1,000,000 members but we feel the concept of ‘working’ still deeply remains in the old value of postwar era. To progress the coming era of ‘the individuals’ by causing a stir to such situation and to create the society where every person can earn in ways one likes are our vision.

Our hope is to release all the individuals from unnecessary stress and lead the era to the one they can challenge the scenes in which they exert their potential in 100 percent.
And we would like to progress the situation better; to the situation ‘earning freely, as they like and responsibly’ is not a ‘brave choice’ but a ‘general choice’ and establish that to a new common sense.

For that, we will improve the service with technology more.First of all, we will polish ‘Lancers’ and establish ‘Lancers’ -the new way of working- popularly.And next, we would like to create the scenes where the individuals can work in actively one after another.
Although because more than 20 years has already passed since the internet appeared, some says already all the service has showed up, we, Lancers think the internet still have the potential abilities and social system will change more from now on.
We will progress our business not only for catching ‘the wind of the change ’ but also for setting off ‘the wind’ - for the era not ‘the organization’ but ‘the individual’ build the society.

CEO Yosuke Akiyoshi