Message from CEO

To shareholders and investors

Empowerment of individuals

Since its foundation in 2008, the Lancers Group has set a mission of “empowerment ofindividuals” and has been developing services that utilize technology to innovate new ways of working and living for individuals.

In the new era of Reiwa, declining working population and stagnation of labour productivity are regarded as important issues for economic growth in Japan, as well as expanding side jobs as a pillar of Japan’s economic growth strategy.Furthermore, the number of individuals and companies that actively promote new ways of working is increasing by introducing and promoting company-wide telecommuting and sideline support systems.

As a result, the freelance market is estimated to be worth over 20 trillion yen in the Japanese economy (“Lancers Freelance Survey 2019”) and is expected to be a growing market both in Japan and overseas.

Positioned as a major online staffing platform in Japan, Lancers was the first to launch a system that allows individuals and companies to easily match jobs on the internet, where working online was not the norm and in an era where Japanese-style lifetime employment was promised.

By creating a place where “people who want to offer a job” and “people who want to work” meet on the internet and freely interact with each other, and by visualizing the personal abilities and potential skills, we have been providing new work opportunities and experiences, and have pioneered internet-based matching systems, payment and quality assurance programs, which have become common nowadays.Consequently, many freelancers (“lancers”) who have earned a reward on an online platform called “Lancers” have been engaging in our platform.

As services have developed in recent years, we have created a matching algorithm leveraging AI that companies and individuals can utilize safely and securely.Moreover, for individuals who work as fulltime freelancers, or as side businesses, we have been providing comprehensive support tailored to the individual’s life and work styles, such as insurance, loans, credit cards, education, and community involvement.We will continue to expand the Lancers’ system by providing group-specific and unified support.

In a global society that is increasingly evolving with technology, we will promote the vision of creating and leading a “society where individuals can have their own work and lifestyles based on technology” by anticipating the changing needs and work styles and continuing to develop our services further in these challenging times.

We look forward to working closely with our shareholders and investors.We always appreciate your continuous support.

Yosuke Akiyoshi