Service Model and Lancers' Strengths

Service Overview

We operate an ordering platform that matches individuals and companies, which is completed online, and provide excellent human resources to companies and new work styles to individuals regardless of time and where they live.

Each Service Models

Lancers has a common platform and offer multiple services depending on the needs of our clients.

Features of the service model

Online staffing* (OS) that provides a job offer to specific individual is our main feature, which contributes 90% of Gross Merchandise Value. It puts us on a unique position in Japan.

* Online staffing (OS) is an abbreviation for online staffing platform.

Differences from Other Human Resource Services

Differentiation from other human resource services in terms of expertise, completion online, and overwhelming speed

Lancers’ Strengths

A “reliable platform” for distribution of high value-added work

1. Technology to visualize “reliability”

We have developed a mechanism that recommends a real-name system that is effective for strengthening reliability and displays it with priority

2. The matching algorithm to utilize “reliability”

It promotes matching with reliable freelancers and clients

3. A Mechanism to Increase and Establish “Reliable” Freelancers

Develop and secure highly skilled freelancers by establishing a cycle of skill acquisition and job acquisition.