Building a sustainable society with an understanding of diversity by providing new work styles

While valuing the relationship between individuals and client partner companies, we will fulfill our responsibilities through business operations as an innovator for the next generation of work styles to contribute to the healthy and dramatic development of society and the creation of a sustainable society.

In addition, we consider that “realization of Mission Vision (creation of new work styles and new job satisfaction)” is in a field “job satisfaction” that can contribute to the SDGs, and are committed to deal with 5 important issues (materiality) which are involved in the SDGs.

Our mission “empowering individuals” and our vision “creating a society where everyone can work in a way that suits them with technology”


Lancers will maximize the potential of the Internet and achieve personal empowerment that will allow many people to continue to live more conveniently, more freely, and more personally with a smile.
Our aim is to contribute to the creation of a better and more prosperous society by providing value and growth opportunities to many and transforming individual lives, working styles, and wellbeing.

We have a vision to realize our mission, and in order to realize our vision, we have established our group’s guidelines (Lancers Way) to operate our business.

The mission that we have been pursuing since our founding is our Sustainability Statement, and we believe that it will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

Social environment initiatives that allow individuals to work with satisfaction


Our goal is to establish a society where people can live wherever they want, work and earn in their own way with the use of the Internet.

Approximately 70% of the individuals registered on our group’s platform live in rural areas.
By using our services, we can provide those who are unavoidably restricted from working due to their place of residence, childbirth, nursing care, retirement, etc., with a sense of fulfillment and purpose in life through a new way of working.

According to the 2020 freelance fact-finding survey, satisfaction with freelancing was approximately 50%. Our group has created a social environment where individuals can work freely and with satisfaction through efforts to facilitate the creation of diversity.

To be able to work with more satisfaction and peace of mind, we also take serious action to solve issues that often occur for freelancers, including “connection with people (community)”, “education and growth opportunities”, and “benefits and administrative tasks other than the main job that arise from not belonging to a company

Creating a workplace where employees can work in their own way


As an innovator for the next generation of work styles, we are committed to introduce new work styles and skilled human resources within our group, and embody the new work styles with colleagues who share our mission, vision, and guidelines.

At Lancers, we respect a wide variety of work styles in order to eliminate barriers in the lifestyles and life stages of our employees, maximize their “Will” to work, and perform their best.
To achieve this, our group supports the recommendation of remote work and the promotion of side businesses through our systems and initiatives, and is working to create working spaces where our employees can work in their own way.

With the spread of the Internet, traditional values have changed and work styles have diversified, opening up great opportunities.
As an innovator for the next generation of work styles, we will transcend the boundaries of employment patterns, co-create with individuals, and embody them as the starting point for change.

In addition, we will not only disseminate it to our own company, but also disseminate it to others, and contribute to working styles for the next generation for individuals, clients, and partner companies, as well as contributing to co-creation with other companies and job satisfaction.

Solving the shortage of human resources,
improving productivity and promoting DX


The shortage of labour force and IT personnel is serious. We believe that securing human resources and continuously and smoothly supporting the most suitable human resources to client companies is the first step toward solving this issue.

Our platform scores the achievements, technical skills and experience of each individual, and performs as an optimal matching tool to meet the needs of client companies.

Not only does it solve the shortage of human resources of client companies, but also contributes to the issues that involve improving productivity and promoting conversion to DX, which are mainly found in small and medium-sized enterprises.
In addition, We contribute to the economic growth and job satisfaction of our clients and partner companies by promoting innovation through the utilizing of external human resources, especially in the field of engineering.

The number of clients who use our services annually is approximately 30,000.
The average number of days to start work is about 7 days, which not only improves the matching accuracy with technology, but also builds a mechanism to smoothly secure human resources online.

We are committed to provide competent human resources by matching them with suitable projects and keeping them in continuous supply.

Safe, secure, fair and equal transactions and strengthening of governance
between individuals and companies


Our group has established a Quality Improvement Committee so that individuals (freelancers) and companies (client partners) cam carry out safe, secure, fair and equal transactions on the platform, as well as raising awareness of fair prices, promoting stable platform transactions, and building trust.

Furthermore, we believe that the “trust” towards our group from society is indispensable for operating on the online work platform. Therefore, we will permanently maintain a sound organization, comply with laws and regulations, engage in appropriate and efficient management activities, and strengthen governance.