Shareholders Return

Dividend policy

We position the return of profits to shareholders as an important management issue.We believe that our group is still in the process of growth, and that allocating capital to aggressive investment for sustainable growth will lead to the maximum return of profits to our shareholders.For this reason, we have not paid dividends since our founding.

In the future, we plan to implement profit return measures for shareholders after taking into consideration the financial condition, operating results, and cash flow status of each period.However, at this stage, the possibility and timing of dividend payment are undecided.Furthermore, we will consider the acquisition of treasury stock as appropriate as one of the flexible responses to changes in stock prices and business environment, capital policy, and profit return measures for shareholders.

Based on the provisions of Article 459 of the Companies Act, we stipulate that dividend of surplus can be paid by a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Acquisition of treasury stock

As of March 31, 2021, there were no acquisitions of treasury stock other than 37 shares acquired under Article 115, Item 7 of the Companies Act (purchase of shares less than one unit).

Shareholder benefits

We do not offer shareholder benefits.