Management team

Yosuke Akiyoshi

[ CEO ]

Started an internet-related venture business while in university. Joined Nifty Corporation in 2005 and dealt with planning and development of multiple internet services. Akiyoshi came up with a matching service for individuals and corporations as he experienced both positions as a contractor and an ordering party for work, and founded REIT Co., Ltd. (currently LANCERS,INC.) in April 2008. In December 2008. The company launched “Lancers” which is Japan’s first crowdsourcing service. And then, the company developed matching services for freelance/side businesses and human resource services that promote smart management for enterprises to promote the empowerment of individual with technology. A member of Japan Association of Corporate Executives since April 2019.

Hideaki Sone

[ Director ]

Worked for McKinsey & Company as a consultant on projects that solve management issues for major clients in the retail and high-tech industries since 2007. Involved in sales and business strategy for “Rakuten Ichiba” at Rakuten,Inc. since 2010, Sone promoted M & A and PMI in the overseas digital content business, and lead management strategy and corporate planning for the group. Joined LANCERS,INC. in February 2015 and gained the position as a Director in November 2015.

Etsuko Okajima

[ External Director ]

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Takeyuki Kato

[ External Director ]

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Kyosuke Murata

[ Auditor ]

From 2004, Murata engaged in sales management at Gurunavi, Inc. Since 2007, he dealt with internal control audits and internal audits for about 10 years after participating in projects such as establishing an audit system for evaluating internal controls related to financial reporting under the financial instruments and exchange act, IPO to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and business improvement. In September 2018, Murata joined LANCERS,INC. and was appointed as a full-time Corporate Auditor.

Koichiro Hirata

[ Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member ]

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Toru Nagasawa

[ Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member ]

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Ryoichi Ueno

[ Executive Officer and Division Director in Marketplace business ]

Joined LANCERS,INC. in 2014 as a new graduate and started his career as an engineer. Engaged in product planning, function development, launching new businesses, etc. Since 2017, Ueno has been involved in the launch of Lancers TOP (currently known as Lancers Agency Co., Ltd.) as a Product Manager. Since 2018, he has been the head of the online matching business department as a Business Manager of for the “Lancers” job matching platform. In May 2020, he has became the youngest Executive Officer of the company.

Shio Konuma

[ Executive Officer, CFO and Division Director in Tech-Agent business ]

From 2005, as an analyst / associate at the investment banking division at Nikko Citigroup, Konuma started engaging in projects that propose capital strategies and financial strategies for major clients in the financial industry to support execution of the projects. Since 2010, Konuma has worked for the finance department at Recruit Co., Ltd., dealing with IPO and other capital policy-related projects, financial strategy planning, and global expansion support such as M&A. Konuma joined LANCERS,INC.. in November 2017 and was appointed as an Executive Officer in April 2018 and was also appointed as CEO of Lancers Agency in LANCERS INC. group in April 2021.

Masatsuna Ishiyama

[ Executive Officer, Start-up business ]

In 2000, Ishiyama started his career as a Sales Planning Officer for exhibitions and interior-related planning business. He joined Web Do Japan Co., Ltd. (currently known as CROOZ, Inc..) in 2005, and was in charge of the freelance engineer business. In the same year, he transferred to Bain Carry Japan Co., Ltd. (currently known as Geeks Inc.) In 2010, he established B-on-B Co., Ltd. (would be known as “EXIT” later), which is the parent company of A-STAR Co., Ltd. He founded A-STAR Co., Ltd. in 2012, Jung Co., Ltd. in 2017, and became a director (part-time) of Sgrum Co., Ltd. He joined our company in June 2017 and has become an Executive Officer in April 2018. He has also served as the CEO of the group company Lancers Agency Co. Since April 2021, he has been in charge of start-up business.

Nobuhiro Nakajima

[ Executive Officer, CPO ]

Started his career as a software architect at Fuji Soft Inc. in 1996. Since 2000, Nakajima started engaging in various web service startups, research and development, and platform development of major companies as a freelancer. Since 2013, as CTO of start-up members of start-up company, promoted launching global web service and growth. Since February 2017, he has participated in our company and served as General Manager of development department and Deputy General Manager of online matching business department, promoting development organization and product development. He was appointed as an Executive Officer in May 2020.

Nobuhiko Goto

[ Executive Officer, Marketing ]

Worked in product marketing for print industry in Fujifilm Corporation since 1996. Launched various services by being in charge of planning and managing web service in Nifty Corporation since 2001. As the responsible person of web business, promoted transformation of business structure, establishing new business and etc. since 2012. Since 2017, had jurisdiction over web business as director and executive officer. Joined LANCERS,INC. in April 2018. After being in the position of director and executive officer, is now in the position of executive officer from April, 2021.

Akino Tako

[ Executive Officer, Corporate Planning, and Investor Relations ]

Engaged in sales and marketing at Unilever Japan Customer Marketing K.K. since2011. Involved in projects at Boston Consulting Group in 2015, where she worked to solve management issues for major clients, primarily in the information and telecommunications industries. Joined our company in October 2017.While in charge of corporate planning, she also served as IPO project leader and later engaged in IR and public relations. Appointed as Executive Officer in April 2022.

Yoshie Miyazawa

[ Executive Officer, Human Resource ]

In 2006, Miyazawa gained new partnership for T-point targeting corporate sales at Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. Since 2011, Miyazawa has worked at Mixi Co., Ltd. dealing with new businesses and business planning. In September 2014, Miyazawa joined LANCERS,INC., engaging in business planning and marketing. From December 2017, she was concurrently in the platform business, and since April 2018 she has been appointed as an Executive Officer. Being in charge of Human Resource.